Who would admit they haven’t purchased a Father’s Day gift yet? Now, before time runs out you can discreetly pluck these perfect gift ideas and impress the Father figure in your life. Watch their face light up with an expression that says, “I’m holding back tears because even though I want to cry, it’s so good, I’ll choke it back.” Watch their misty eyes look up at you with gratitude before going back to opening less impressive gifts. Say, Happy Father’s Day with a gift from Downtown!

1. Aviator’s and Assorted Eyewear

It’s no secret that Top Gun Maverick is killing at the box office this summer.  A sweet pair of aviator’s will give Dad that lovin’ feeling.

You can cruise the multitude of sidewalk sale sunglass displays in the El Centro District of Downtown, or get some A/C in the new eyewear business, Monocle. With legit prescription frames and lenses, Monocle also offers a myriad of name brand sunglasses. You can get Dad a modern set of aviators or opt for the classic design.

This gift will take his breath away.

Monocle Eyewear

108 S Stanton, Ste. 2A (2nd Floor-push don’t pull door)


2. That Sweet Sweet Smell of Leather

Downtown El Paso is a hub of local leatherworkers that have learned this generational vocation, offering boots, wallets, belts and more in Downtown shops. D’Leon Boots creates leather goods in-house and offers even more to suit the taste of any Dad looking to arrest the activity of any room he walks into.

Check out this assortment of handmade wallets, belts, and boots, all with southwestern flare!

You can also find great leather goods and boots at Rocketbuster, Starr Western Wear and more! Don’t be afraid to explore. What’s more is that all of these Downtown shops are on a wide spectrum of costs and styles, so you’ll find what you’re looking for at price you’re comfortable with. But a leather wallet and put the extra cash you’ve saved in it!

D’Leon Boots

201 E Overland Ave


3. Event Tickets (Entertainment and Sports)

Sometimes, you’ve got to give your Dad a good reason to get out of the house, and some entertainment can do just that. He doesn’t have to be in Vegas to enjoy some live entertainment, and El Paso Live offers a host of upcoming shows.

Some of these shows include, comedians like Mike Epps, the Latin Kings of Comedy, or big band entertainment like the Glenn Miller Orchestra at El Paso Live! Local sports teams like the El Paso Chihuahuas and the FC Locomotive are also greats gifts.

El Paso Live 915-231-1100

4. Geek Gifts

Dad’s come in all shapes, sizes and have diversified interests. If the Father in your family lives and dies by geek news, like who’s being cast in the newest superhero movie, or which sci-fi spinoffs are dropping the ball, then this store might be for your Dad.

Heroes for Hire has the latest collectibles, reflecting trends and Marvel or DC, but they also have cool stuff for the Anime or Manga lover too.

Not only that, but you’ll find vintage toys and items that harken back to Saturday Morning cartoon fare. If all of this sounds like gibberish to you, you might be a geek civilian, but it’ll make sense to Dad.

Heroes for Hire-600 S Stanton St


5. FOOD! (Downtown Tasting Tour)

Let’s face it, most people love food more than a new pair of socks or another mug with a cute Dad quote. We’ve got you covered! You can buy gift cards to the Downtown restaurants you think Dad will love, or even better yet, let him try a few on this Downtown Tasting Tour! You can even join in and decide what restaurants he prefers!

In the coming months, we’ll be including different restaurants and all will lead into Downtown Restaurant Week, so stay tuned. Tickets are almost gone for the June 29th crawl, so snag them at the link below!

Downtown Tasting Tour

5 Different Restaurants-5 Different Dishes-35 Bucks

6. Cigars

There are cigar shops, and there is Vitola’s, a cigar lounge with drinks available and a walk-in humidor with hundreds of cigar’s to choose from. If Dad loves cigar’s or is even curious about them, the shop is friendly to new patrons of the vice.

Customers can relax and smoke in-house and even have a drink or choose their cigars and take them home to smoke in the comfort of home with great company!

Vitola’s also has a great crowd on the weekends with a spot right next to the ballpark, so you’ll feel like you’re in the middle of it all, and yet the most relaxed you’ve been in a long time. Get a gift that not only smells like the most posh smoke you’ve even smelt, but like class.

Vitola’s-216 W Franklin Ave


7. Growlers

Do you know what goes well with food and cigars? Beer. And, the Craft and Social specializes in craft beers, while Deadbeach Brewery brew their own. Both offer growlers, these hefty 64 oz. glass to-go beer containers that you can fill with the beer of your choice. How cool is that?

The growler itself is often adorned with great designs and can be reused when you come back for a different selection.

The selection at the Craft and Social changes seasonally so be sure to ask for suggestions based on Dad’s tastes to make it even more personalized.

Deadbeach brewery creates beers to suit occasions throughout the years, and still have house favorites like:

-Abuela Stout

-Chuco Lager

-Gose Face Killah

Craft and Social-305 E Franklin Ave

Deadbeach Brewery-406 Durango St

8. Vintage Apparel

The past has meant more to us lately, because whether it true or not, it felt simpler. It felt happier. Vintage stores run well are full of quality items that can be worn today without being ironic or oblivious. This is purposeful fashion.

Get your Dad a Fresh Prince of Bel Air cap, or let him rock that Metallica tee if he wants! Maybe a sweat with that lovable ALF is what he’s into, who knows! Looking is half the fun. THRFT Store Vintage has a wide range of products that might be exactly what Dad wants.

THRFT Store Vintage-321 E San Antonio Ave


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