Special Event Permitting

The City of El Paso has partnered with the DMD to provide a clear and an efficient permitting process to bring more visibility and attractions to downtown. Event planners or organizations interested in organizing a downtown event that involves street closures, can now benefit from the streamlined processing and issuance of special privilege permits.

Before you start the application to obtain a Special Privilege Permit, it is important for you to have the following information and documentation.

Please submit application 45 days before the date of the event to avoid delays. 

With questions or for more information, please contact Richard Bustamante with the DMD at 915-400-2294 x103.

Downtown Event

Organizer PowerPoint Orientation:


2023 Special Events Orientation Presentation_3.15

Traffic Control Plan

The objective of each traffic control plan (TCP) is to permit the contractor to work within the public right of way efficiently and effectively while maintaining a safe, uniform flow of traffic during a street closure. Below you will find a list of companies that can create a traffic control plan for your event.

Apache Barricade & Sign

11560 Pellicano Dr
El Paso Texas 79996

Traffic Barricade Services

6621 Doniphan Dr. Ste A
Canutillo Texas 79835

Traffic Control Specialist Sales & Rentals

3120 Trawood Ste F
El Paso Texas 79936

The above vendors’ information is provided to guide the event planner; DMD does not endorse any vendor.

Site Plan

A site plan is a clear drawing or graphical representation of the even footprint. It should depict where everything will be located. The site plan must include location of vendors, stages, portable restrooms, trash cans, dumpsters, emergency vehicle access, entrances/exits, fire protection, emergency medical service areas, public assembly areas, and vehicle parking.


Site Plan Examples:

Site Map Examples_1

Site Map Examples_2

Site Map Examples_3

Site Map Examples_4

Notice of Proposed Closure

Owner or occupant of real estate property abutting the boundaries of the area in which a temporary event will be conducted and a signed statement from one individual representing or constituting the owner or occupant of each property stating whether they consent to or object to the proposed event.

Neighborhood association may state its support or opposition through the signature of any officer so authorized by the neighborhood association.

When doing outreach to businesses and property owners please make sure to have:

  1. Copy of your event site map
  2. Copy of your event Traffic Control Plan
  3. Copy of your Notice of Proposed Closure Letter for Businesses/ Properties (see sample below)

Notice of Proposed Closure Blank FORM

Sample- Notice of Proposed Closure Letter for Businesses or Property Owners

Mail Out Option – New Notice of Proposed Closure

Private Parking/ Surface Lots

For any rental or the use of any private surface/ parking lot in the downtown area, you must compete a TEMPORARY USE APPLICATION and submit all required information to the City of El Paso- Special Events Office.

Phone: 915-212-0104

Website: https://www.elpasotexas.gov/planning-and-inspections/special-events/about-special-events/

Temporary Use Application form: 


For the use of any Franklin Mountain Properties Surface Lots, please click on the link below for information:

1) FMP_Rental Lots_INFO


Events that are requesting the exclusive use of meters within the event footprint or outside the event footprint will need to be permitted separately through the City of El Paso One Stop Shop.

Have a list of and meter numbers of area requested to have bagged/ reserved when calling.

Please call 915-212-0104 for more information.



  1. TABC License when submitting your initial event application.
  2. 15-30 days before the event date: TABC license holders and nonprofits without a license may use the new Alcohol Industry Management System (AIMS) to submit temporary event authorizations to TABC only after they’ve onboarded into AIMS.

    All others should submit completed forms through the traditional email process or by appointment in a local TABC office. Once you’ve onboarded into AIMS, you aren’t required to submit temporary event authorizations through AIMS but doing so will ensure it’s processed quicker.

    Late Filing Fees

    If you do not submit your application 10 business days before your event, you will have to pay the following late filing fees:

    • $300 for applications received nine to seven business days before the event.
    • $500 for applications received six to four business days before the event.
    • $900 for applications received three to one business day before the event.

    Late filing fees do not apply to File and Use Notifications or to NT permits that are specifically for auctions.


  3. Submit TABC Temporary Event License to DMD Special Events Office for review and approval.

Temporary Event Insurance

You will be asked to upload proof of Temporary Event Insurance before submitting your application.  If the insurance does not comply with the requirements, your application will be rejected. Below are the requirements:

Certificate of Insurance by a Texas licensed provider must be submitted and meet the required coverage limits. The limits listed below are minimum requirements and subject to additional requirements based on the type of Event being held and at the discretion of the City of El Paso Risk Management Department.

Commercial General Liability Insurance—Policy having a combined single limit of not less than $1,000,000.00 Bodily Injury / $1,000,000.00 Property Damage Liability per occurrence and $2,000,000.00 in aggregate.

Commercial Automobile Liability—(Required for all events involving the use of vendor/contractor owned, non-owned or hired automobiles) Vendor/contractor shall maintain business automobile liability insurance with a limit of not less than $1,000,000 each accident or Combined Single Limit.

Workers’ Compensation & Employer Liability—(Required for all vendors/contractors with employees who perform work or contract services on City property) Vendor/contractor shall maintain workers’ compensation
insurance in the amounts required by appropriate state workers compensation statutes. The employer’s liability limit shall not be less than $500,000.
Sole Proprietors and companies with no employees may be exempt from this requirement.

Alcoholic Beverage –If any alcoholic beverage is sold, served, or otherwise made available at the special event, then separate additional liquor liability insurance must be provided by the alcoholic beverage license holder in an amount of not less than $1,000,000 for each claim.

Excess Liability Insurance (if required)
Policy limit of not less than $5,000,000 per occurrence may be required at the discretion of the City of El Paso Risk Management Department.


For additional information, please click here:

2) Commercial General Liability Insurance


On the Certificate of Liability Insurance please list the following information:

“INSURED” will be listed as:

Name of event organizer


“ADDITONAL INSURED” will be listed as:

City of El Paso

300 N. Campbell

El Paso Texas, 79901


“CERTIFICATE HOLDER” will be listed as:

City of El Paso

300 N. Campbell

El Paso Texas, 79901



Daily Fee –cost for closing the right of way

$53 for every 12 hours – Example: You must pay $53 for any street closure lasting up to 12 hours. If the street closure exceeds 12 hours, for example 8 a.m. to 11 p.m., you would have to pay $106.00.

Downtown Special Event Application processing fee $212 (Sept.2020)*

  • Downtown Special Event – Late Fee: $424 (Sept.2020)*

* $4.00 Tech Fee will be added to all Special Event applications.

Additional permits may be required to obtain the Special Event Permit. Additional fees may apply. 

Once you submit the application you will be contacted by DMD to advise you on what additional requirements must be submitted.

Per Title 15 Section 15.08.120 you must submit a complete application AT LEAST 45 days before the event. There are no exceptions.

Thank You for supporting downtown. Click below to begin the application!