Downtown El Paso Districts

Downtown El Paso is alive, and like anything organic, changes will emerge. Over time, our Downtown community has sprouted districts as diverse as the people attracted to them. These five (5) districts: El Centro, Union Plaza, Las Plazas, the Office District and the Government District are defined just as much from the activity in them as the people who frequent them. Factors such as commerce, culture, community, and historical circumstances have shaped the districts that make up Downtown El Paso.


El Paso’s original shopping district has long been the heart and center of downtown activity and is reflected in the designation of El Centro. The face of El Centro is El Paso Street, with its rich history, thriving culture and shops, it stretches all the way to the border. Click here for more.


The Union Plaza district is easily distinguished by the El Paso Union Depot built between 1905 and 1906. The district is now a center for entertainment and nightlife in Downtown. Industrial buildings were and continue to be repurposed for mixed‐use spaces. Click here for more.


Plazas have played a role in the origination and development of El Paso dating back to its earliest days when Pioneer Plaza was considered the center of town. Today, our downtown plazas continue to play a key role in the growth of our downtown serving as casual lunch spots for downtown employees to the home of major community events and traditions. Click here for more.


The Office District is bustling with commerce during the day and hosts a healthy happy hour in the evening. High‐rise bank buildings house a score of organizations and businesses integral to the El Paso economy. Click here for more.


Our democracy in action can be witnessed virtually every day within Downtown El Paso’s Government district. Home to the Federal Courthouse, the El Paso County Courthouse, and several City of El Paso department buildings including City Hall – politics. Policy and justice are regularly on display. Click here for more.