Committee Meetings

The Board of the El Paso Downtown Management District may establish committees for the purpose of providing special attention on specified projects, programs, services, and/or operations. Committee members are appointed by the Executive Committee and may include At-Large Members. Below is a list of DMD established Committees, their charters, and current membership.

Executive Committee: Responsibilities are to serve as a governance body for the organization; provide guidance and feedback to the Executive Director on day-to-day operational matters and on strategic goals of the organization. Members: Mike McQueen (President), Laura Pople (Vice-President), Jamie Gallagher (Secretary), Wayne Soza (Treasurer), Martin Morgades, Johnny Escalante, and Ruben Torres.

Finance Committee: Responsibilities are to: prepare and recommend an annual budget for the organization;, expense review, check and balances, accounting/reporting oversight, provide investments reports as mandated by law, and recommend adoption of an investment policy annually. Members: Wayne Soza (Treasurer), Arlene Carroll, Sam Legate, Laura Pople, and Ruben Torres.

Grant Review Committee: Review grant applications and make recommendations to the board concerning the Downtown Grant Programs. Members: Jamie Gallagher (Chair), Eric Pearson, Y.I. Santoscoy, Pacelli Mesta, Laura Foster (City), Mirella Craigo (City), Blake Downey (At-Large), Bill Helm (At-Large) and Providencia Velasquez (City).

Marketing Committee: Oversee and provide input on the marketing, advertising and promotional efforts of the organization. Members: Johnny Escalante (Chair), Bill Burton, Eric Pearson, Y.I. Santoscoy, Brad Taylor, Michael Kelly (At-Large), Jeremy Jordan (At-Large) and Gracie Cain (At-Large).

Infrastructure & Advocacy Committee: Monitors ongoing physical improvements within the downtown, oversees the DMD’s sanitation efforts, and identifies issues and positions where the DMD’s advocacy is needed. Members: Martin Morgades (Chair), Steve Ortega, Alejo Restrepo, Ben Marcus, John Law, John Martin (At-Large), Ryan Paulk (At-Large), Tim Mallardi (At-Large), Wolfgang Jonas (At-Large) and Commander Tom Peña (At-Large).

Each committee meets monthly within the DMD offices at 201 E. Main Street, Suite 107. CLICK HERE for the complete 2021 DMD meeting schedule.