The Board of the El Paso Downtown Management District may establish committees for the purpose of providing special attention on specified projects, programs, services, and/or operations. Committee members are appointed by the Executive Committee and may include At-Large Members. Below is a list of DMD established Committees, their charters, and current membership.

Executive Committee: Responsibilities are to serve as a governance body for the organization; provide guidance and feedback to the Executive Director on day-to-day operational matters and on strategic goals of the organization. Members: Ruben Torres (President), Steve Ortega (Vice-President), Jamie Gallagher (Secretary), Arlene Carroll (Treasurer), Martin Morgades, Johnny Escalante, Peter Spier, Nadia Baem and Mark Osborn.

Finance Committee: Responsibilities are to: prepare and recommend an annual budget for the organization;, expense review, check and balances, accounting/reporting oversight, provide investments reports as mandated by law, and recommend adoption of an investment policy annually. Members: Arlene Carroll (Treasurer), Peter Spier, Sam Legate, Cynthia Pina and Joanne Richardson.

Grant Review Committee: Review grant applications and make recommendations to the board concerning the Downtown Grant Programs. Members: Jamie Gallagher (Chair), Eric Pearson, Y.I. Santoscoy, Pacelli Mesta, Daniela Caro, Michael Parra, Daniela Quesada (City Architect), Mirella Craigo (City/TRIZ), Providencia Velasquez (City/Historic), Bill Helm (At-Large), Pedro Galicia (At-Large), and Ricardo Fernandez (At-Large).

Marketing Committee: Oversee and provide input on the marketing, advertising and promotional efforts of the organization. Members: Johnny Escalante (Chair), Bill Burton, Eric Pearson, Y.I. Santoscoy, Brad Taylor, Michael Kelly (At-Large), Pamela Azaeta (At-Large) and Gracie Viramontes (At-Large).

Infrastructure & Advocacy Committee: Monitors ongoing physical improvements within the downtown, oversees the DMD’s sanitation efforts, and identifies issues and positions where the DMD’s advocacy is needed. Members: Martin Morgades (Chair), Steve Ortega, Alejo Restrepo, Mark Osborn, Nadia Baem, John Martin (At-Large), Ryan Paulk (At-Large), Tim Mallardi (At-Large), Joe Nebhan (At-Large) and Commander Tom Peña (At-Large).

Each committee meets monthly within the DMD offices at 201 E. Main Street, Suite 107, with the exception of the Marketing Committee. CLICK HERE for the complete 2023 DMD meeting schedule.