EL PASO, TX (January 21, 2021)–In a Special Meeting/Public Hearing, held on October 22, 2020 the Downtown Management District (DMD) Board of Directors approved a DMD boundary expansion to include the area known as “Ballpark West,” the area West and North of Southwest University Park. Petitions received from property owners within the expansion area represented over 50% of total value of properties subject to the DMD assessment, a requirement for expansion consideration.

“Just like the founding of the DMD, this effort was driven by a group of property owners who care greatly about their part of the Downtown and want to help guide it’s growth. I’m proud that they see the DMD as a vehicle for improving conditions and strengthening the area,” said DMD Executive Director, Joe Gudenrath.  “With the support of the property owners, inclusion of this area in the DMD seemed logical.  If the original DMD boundaries were created today, I am confident this area would have been included and I look forward to working with the property owners.

The DMD, established in 1997, operates as a municipal management district pursuant to Chapter 375 of the Texas Local Government Code. As such, the DMD is a unit of local government with the mission to promote economic development by providing services that champion a vibrant Downtown El Paso.

During calendar year 2020, the DMD received petitions from a number of property owners in the Ballpark West area asking for their properties to be included in and added to the DMD’s territory. Addition to the DMD territory means receiving the delivery of services to include but not limited to promotions, economic development initiatives, services, projects and programs, that create a more welcoming environment in Downtown. Property owners are also subject to a special assessment levied against their properties that helps fund the additional services.

Following an Informational Open House on October 14th, a Special Meeting/Public Hearing was held on October 22nd, during which the DMD Board of Directors concluded that the petitions were sufficient to expand its boundaries. Of the 38 total properties in the Ballpark West area, 14 supported the petition, and only four (4) opposed it.

On November 24, 2020, the El Paso City Council approved a resolution supporting the expansion, and the official notice of expansion was recorded with the El Paso County Clerk on December 18, 2020.

The DMD Boundary Expansion went into effect on January 1st, 2021.

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