Downtown El Paso makes it so easy to have your feed looking right! Around every corner is a location or scenery begging for a phone to be taken out for a quick pic. We narrowed it down to this list of Insta-worthy spots that will always guarantee to take your Instagram to the next level.

1. Hotel Indigo Downtown El Paso-325 N. Kansas Street (Office District)

Hotel Indigo is the Instagram lottery! Take an elevator ride to the fifth floor to snap a picture of the Downtown skyline, swing on their hanging chair on the first floor, or play with the lighting in the lobby.

2. “Animo Sin Fronteras” Mural-Intersection of Mills and Stanton (Office District)

Take a walk down Mills street and once you cross Stanton, you can’t miss this huge mural located on the side of a building adjacent to a parking lot. You can’t help, but do the same pose con fuerza!

3. I Love You Too! at Coffee Box-401 N. Mesa St. (Las Plazas Arts District)

We like to think of this as El Paso returning the love to Austin’s I Love You So Much graffiti message! Posing in front of this message has become quite the hot spot for love birds and Instagrammers. Just look up the Coffee Box’s tagged photos and you will see dozens of pictures from newlyweds to families smiling for the camera.

4. Elvis at Dave’s A Pawn Shop-216 S. El Paso St. (El Centro District)

Visit Elvis Presley in front of this famous pawn shop and dance a little too! This place always has the King’s music playing for shoppers and passers-by. After you’re done posing with him, you have to go inside the shop to browse the quirky and weird stuff you can’t find anywhere else.

5. Arts Festival Plaza-located between the El Paso Museum of Art and the Plaza Theatre (Las Plazas Arts District)

This plaza lends itself to great lighting at night and depth of field! Pose in front of the huge water fountain installed at the location.

6. San Jacinto Plaza-114 W Mills Ave (Las Plazas Arts District)

El Pasoans flock to San Jacinto Plaza all year round for a stroll at the park or even specifically to take pictures. Quinceañeras, prom crewsnewlywedsgraduates, and many more visit SJP to take advantage of the nature and scenery the plaza has to offer. Pose in front of Los Lagartos, sit casually on a bench, or get a candid shot walking over a bridge!

7. Downtown U.S. Post Office- 219 E Mills Ave (Office District)

The pillars at the post office located in Downtown are gorgeous for portrait or architectural photography. This spot also offers stairs and other architectural features you can be creative with.

8. The Plaza Theatre-125 W. Mills Ave (Las Plazas Arts District)

This iconic theatre is a popular spot to strike a pose in front of. Expert tip: Photoshop the marquee to say a special message.

9. O.T. Bassett Tower-303 Texas Ave (Office District)

The lavish, gold Art Deco doors at the Bassett Tower are perfect backdrop for any photo! You can play with shadows, color and really get creative.

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