Oh my god it was literally so nice to walk around and take pictures during the holidays. I would literally take all my friends here to take group photos.

Ari Reveles

I went to downtown El Paso to have my birthday dinner in one of the hotels and it was so pretty! The views and the weather were perfect!

Andrea Alcantar

I went downtown to just take some pictures for my Instagram, and I ended up staying and having dinner at one of the shops right by the center! It was so cute!

Sarahi Cervantes

I think the best part of downtown is the bars all around. There are some really cool places and you get to meet some really great people. Especially on the weekends!

Alex Castillon

I came to visit my girlfriend from out of town and I loved everything about El Paso! Especially downtown with the San Jacinto Plaza and the fountains there! Can’t wait to see her and EL Paso again.

Jack Del Valle

Downtown El Paso is one of the most exciting places to be at when it comes to the scenery and views! I’ve lived here all my life and I love the bars, the restaurant, and all around energy!

Yvette Lynum

Tanto que rescatar…El Paso tiene tremenda historia ya que estamos en frontera con Nuestro Bendito México, rescatemosla y dejemos una Ciudad Hermosa a los que siguen y están por nacer.Dios Bendiga Cd. Juárez Y El Paso Ciudades Hermanas.

Maria Eugenia Berbeyer

I just love to see and hear how El Paso downtown is growing

Marisela Duran

I love downtown! There is so much history!

Ashley Lopez

This amazing group of talent creatively showcases the downtown lifestyle!

Michael Bray