Join the El Paso Downtown Management District for the second Downtown Food Truck Fiesta of the year, brought to you by the El Paso Community Foundation and Hunt Companies! It’s happening on Wednesday, May 8th, from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. on First Avenue between Kansas and Stanton, right in front of the stunning mural featuring “Casandro El Exótico.” Get ready for a fun-filled afternoon with some of El Paso’s best food trucks as you explore the vibrant heart of the Sun City.

Participating Food Trucks

Participate as a Food Truck

We’d love to have you on board if you would like to showcase your food truck at our upcoming event! To secure your place among our food truck lineup, simply submit your application to [email protected], including a picture of your truck and social media handle. Additionally, please remember to pay your dues to finalize your participation here.

Food Truck Fiesta agreement- 5.8.2024

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