Barrio Eats & Drinks is a new restaurant now open in the Las Plazas Arts District of Downtown El Paso. Located down the block from Southwest University Park, across from the Public Library on Oregon Street, this Mexican food restaurant is sure to give you familiar flavors of home with extra luster. For El Paso visitors, it will be an accurate representation our region’s flavors, refined to reflect the classy atmosphere and great service.

When you walk through the doors of Barrio Eats & Drinks, you are welcomed by the calming presence of warm natural light and organic décor, with gold accents on cool floral walls. The restaurant is perfect for those that enjoy earth-toned aesthetics and genuine smiles.

Barrio Eats & Drinks came to life when its owner, Kelly Boren, wanted his next business to be more relaxing and food forward. Boren, a well-known name in the El Paso bar scene, has several successful businesses, such as Coconuts, Jack’s Beach House, Beach Bar, and El Camino BBQ, respectively.

While deciding on the menu for Barrio Eats & Drinks, Boren went through multiple taste tests with his staff and friends to figure out which items should make it to the menu. Most of the recipes on the menu are family recipes adapted by chef Linda Lopez with over twenty years of cooking experience. In addition to the breakfast, lunch and dinner menu, the restaurant also offers a night menu for when you want something to eat after an evening of cocktails. Being located in Downtown is advantageous in that there is better walkability and density of bars and restaurants that can play off of each other. An evening of music and cocktails at the neighboring 1922 lounge can turn into wings to top off the night, next door.

“One thing you have to try is our Suizas Enchiladas,” Boren said. He jokingly went on to say that he could not give up the secret ingredient that makes them so great, but he guarantees you have not had enchiladas like this before.

Aside from the Suizas Enchiladas, Boren also recommended trying their Caldo De Res soup, Fideo, and Tortellinis pasta. “I want my customers to try everything [on the menu] though, not just what I recommend,” he said. Barrio Eats & Drinks offers a variety of Mexican food options including tacos, steaks, soups, sandwiches, salads and more.

Excited for the future of his next business venture, Boren hopes everyone who visits Barrio Eats & Drinks enjoys good service and good food because that’s what is most important to him.

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502 N Oregon St


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