1. Arts Festival Plaza

This narrow stretch of landscape offers several angles to capture the perfect hats off moment.

2. El Paso Museum of Art

The iconic red piece provides balance for a more modern photo opportunity.

3. The Yellow Door

There is symbolism in this backdrop, one door closes while another opens for the graduate. You can find the newly constructed door next to Hotel Paso Del Norte at the intersection of El Paso Street and San Antonio.

4. Convention Center Plaza

This super colorful ceiling offers light play with a great view of Downtown EL Paso. Find it in front of the Convention Center.

5. Convention Center Perimeter

The Convention Center has a plethora of great backdrops for photos with murals and art structures. Find this one on the north side of the building.

6. Pedestrian Pathway

This formation lies between the Convention Center and the Southwest University Ballpark, while the art piece feels very industrial, the surrounding area and mural give this location a southwestern vibe.

7. Union Plaza Park

This quaint park sits in the middle of the Union Plaza District and offers a picturesque view of Downtown buildings while offering greenery.

8. Cleveland Square Park (Currently Under Construction)

The park sits in front of the El Paso Museum of History and offers a great view of the new WestStar Bank Building amongst a green lawn while also boasting hued papel picado structures.

9. U.S. Federal Courthouse

The front of this handsome building in Downtown offers a clean slate for a backdrop, perfectly lined rows of mesquite trees offer symmetrical greenery.

10. O.T. Bassett Tower (A.K.A Aloft Hotel)

You can’t help but fall in love with the art deco style of the Bassett Tower built in 1929, once featured in magazines you know the building is an architectural gem and a great setting for future professionals.

11. Downtown Post Office

Built in 1918, this structure is over 100 years old! Take your grad photos in front of a piece of El Paso History plus it’s majestic. Don’t mail in this photo-op, make it count!

Photo by Luis Dorantes Photography; Provided by Rodrigo Terrazas

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