DMD Approves $25K Grant for DTEP Facade Project!

Rendering of the proposed improvements to the property.

The Downtown Management District (DMD) Board of Directors approved $25,000 in matching grant funds – the maximum allowable – for façade improvements at 702 Myrtle, as part of the Commercial Façade Improvement Grant program. The program provides matching funds to existing businesses and/or property owners to make improvements to the exterior of buildings in the … [Read more...]

What’s Your 20?


The Paso del Norte Health Foundation (PDNHF) wants to know what your 20 is? The phrase essentially means, "What is your location?" or "Identify your position," but is a corrupted phrase from the original "10-20" used by United States law enforcement, according to Urban Dictionary. They are essentially asking, where are you at in life? Where are you at in terms of … [Read more...]

Running out to feed the meter in DTEP is NO MORE!


Ever experienced this? You’re downtown, doing what you do downtown (court business, lunch, banking, etc.) when you realize that you need to go feed the meter! Parking can be a hot-button topic for a lot of El Pasoans. Well, the City of El Paso International Bridges department has worked hard to help alleviate the inconveniences of parking at a meter in Downtown … [Read more...]

17 Downtown El Paso Spaces You Have to See!

The Anson Mills building in the Las Plazas Art District of Downtown El Paso

This week the INSIDER decided to take you literally "inside" Downtown El Paso (DTEP) buildings. Typically the exterior of buildings are the star of the show and the downtown skyline is usually the focus of many an instagram account but what hidden treasures lie inside these urban monoliths? Using a criteria system that zeroes in on the ADC's (Architecture, … [Read more...]

Plaza Classic 2015: El Paso Connections

The late Tom Moore - Archie artist

The Plaza Classic Film Festival (PCFF), now in its 8th year has drawn national attention over and over with the rich attention to detail the festival gives to film selection, celebrity speakers, and the marriage of history to modern logistics. Started in 2008 after the restoration of the Plaza Theatre in 2006 in a partnership between the El Paso Community … [Read more...]