Paso Del Norte Paranormal Society Wants You to Show Them Your “Orbs”


This month is chock full of fall goodies, like pumpkin spice everything, cooler weather and Halloween traditions. The crazy train to spooky-town won’t stop until it reaches the end of the month, culminating on the one day we can celebrate all things macabre and brandish any costume we wish. We paid Henry Flores, President of the Paso Del Norte Paranormal Society … [Read more...]

Manchot Celebrates Second Birthday Under New Ownership!


With a feel that is half Spencers, half Zazzle, but a distinctly local flavor and a boutique style, Manchot celebrates its second birthday at the storefront on Friday, October 3, at 6 p.m. Located at 518 W. San Antonio Ave. Suite D, in the trend-setting Union Plaza district of downtown El Paso, the party will include mimosas, cake, a D.J. and live painting by … [Read more...]

Q&A with Nahum Avila of the Sun City Craft Beer Fest


Only about 300 breweries survived the U.S. Prohibition after 1933, and by 1982 only 50 breweries remained active in America. In the vacuum of beer emerged a homebrewing renaissance that has taken root since and grown into the craft beer culture we know today. Now there are over 2,000 independent craft brewers in the United States and growing. Celebrating this … [Read more...]

History Happy Hour at the El Paso Museum of History Pushes Boundaries


Typically "history" and “happy hour” would not be thought of together but the El Paso Museum of History is challenging public perception and perhaps taking the term back to its roots. A turn of the century term used to describe social events or social clubs and given steam by organized gatherings in the U.S. Navy, “happy hour” did not adopt a pre-dinner drink … [Read more...]

Q&A with Plaza Classic Film Festival Coordinator DOUG PULLEN


The INSIDER insisted on pestering Doug Pullen, former reporter for the El Paso Times and newly christened coordinator for the Plaza Classic Film Festival, despite his immensely dense schedule. The days and hours count down quickly before this year’s Film Festival launches once again to thousands of classic movie fans. The audience will descend upon downtown with … [Read more...]