Q&A with DMD Executive Director Joe Gudenrath “Who’s asking the questions here?”


As we sit in the modest Downtown Management District (DMD) office, it is clear Executive Director Joe Gudenrath is prepared for fielding our questions but is eager to ask his own. More specifically to the general public. The DMD is a quasi-governmental organization that provides services tailored to cultivating a prosperous downtown via inter-local agreements and … [Read more...]

48 Hour Film Slam Celebrates Storytellers


Downtown based Ghostlight Creative, a full-service creative agency is giving filmmakers the opportunity to win cash prizes for their work. The catch? They have to create an 8 minute film in just 48 hours. The task sounds simple enough – it’s only 8 minutes but the task can get challenging when you consider the multiple elements stitched into the storytelling … [Read more...]

Visit El Paso Launches New Smartphone APP!


One of the biggest challenges for Downtown El Paso (DTEP) let alone an entire city, is communicating the constantly changing mosaic of activity to visitors and locals. Maybe sometime in the past, saying, “There’s nothing to do here,” applied but no longer. With a population boom, local investment in city infrastructure and Downtown revitalization, there is … [Read more...]

Father Rahm Receives Person of the Year Award!

Father Rahm

On Saturday, May 16th starting at 8:30 a.m., the festivities begin for the public to celebrate Father Haroldo J. Rahm’s service to Sacred Heart Church. Now, 95, Father Rahm has dedicated his life in service to his faith and to serving others. Following a welcome home dinner for the Father on Thursday, May 14th, Saturday will have a Bicycle Parade, a Mural … [Read more...]

Q&A with Ruben Holguin of Mariachi Loco Music Festival!


The INSIDER spoke with event coordinator Ruben Holguin about the Mariachi Loco Music Festival and how he, “Keeps Calm and Mariachis On.” The festival is scheduled to make Mother’s Day weekend one for the books in the heart of Downtown El Paso, May 8th though the 10th. Q. What spurred you to create this event and was it easy to find local talent? A. It was a … [Read more...]