5 Ways Public Art Can Impress Your Date!

Public Art INSIDER

Public art has been happening since art was born. Surely there was a caveman that said, "I'm tired of being the journalist and just painting the progress of our tribe - I want to paint for pure expression for all to see." Public Art serves several purposes including but not limited to beautifying an area, providing a destination point that in turn can create a … [Read more...]

2015 Downtown Survey Results!


The results of an unscientific, online survey conducted by the El Paso Downtown Management District (DMD) indicate that a strong majority of respondents (75%) see Downtown El Paso progressing.  The survey, part the of the DMD’s community outreach efforts, asked participants to answer 10 questions pertaining to the current state of the downtown, the future of … [Read more...]

Local Downtown Chef Represents El Paso in National Breakfast Battle!

Chef Roberto Espinoza

Chef Roberto Espinoza, best known for his restaurant Pot Au Feu in Downtown El Paso (DTEP), is representing El Paso in a national competition called the Hometown Breakfast Battle hosted by Thomas’ Breads. 135 chefs. 135 cities. Touted as the largest national competition of its kind, Chef Roberto will battle for national breakfast supremacy using local ingredients … [Read more...]

“I Scream for Art!” Contest


The Downtown Management District (DMD) is holding a contest to celebrate the public art in Downtown El Paso.  The “I Scream for Art!” contest encourages you to share your images with friends on social media and win prizes! Participating in the “I Scream for Art!” contest is simple: Get the clue! At the beginning of every week a new clue will be given on … [Read more...]

SunCycle Bike Share Program Launches in Downtown El Paso!

Mayor Oscar Leeser

Do you remember riding your bicycle as a kid? The feeling of mounting that bike, kicking off and those first few peddle strokes launching you to freedom? Freedom from schoolwork, family stress, and chores! Now, you’re an adult and you realize there is no escaping any of those realities. Work, family and any other responsibilities aren’t going anywhere, but the … [Read more...]