June 19th

Barrio Eats & Drinks – June 2024


Downtown Delights Tasting Tour: A Culinary Journey through Downtown El Paso’s Finest on June 19th!

Join us on an exciting journey through Downtown El Paso on June 19th! Kick off the culinary adventure at Barrio Eats & Drinks, where a delightful dish awaits. This Tasting Tour promises a fantastic experience, visiting charming venues such as Barrio Eats & Drinks, Lapa Lapa Seafood & Drinks, Taft Diaz, and the newest addition to Downtown El Paso the Curry Bowl Bistro.

🍽️ Immerse yourself in the vibrant atmosphere, savor delectable dishes, and create cherished memories with fellow enthusiasts. Don’t miss the chance to explore Downtown El Paso’s culinary delights. Secure your spot now for a night of gastronomic delight that will leave you eager to savor each moment!



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Golden Chicken Chicharrones: Enjoy the crispy delight of chicken chicharrones, perfectly battered and fried to a golden brown. Each piece is a crunchy, savory bite of heaven.

Crispy Chiles Rellenos: Savor the rich flavors of crispy poblanos, generously stuffed with a creamy blend of cream cheese and cheddar cheese. These stuffed peppers offer a perfect balance of spice and creaminess, delivering a delectable taste experience in every bite.